A neutral software and service supplier to end-hirers, recruitment agencies and payroll companies

Engage provides business applications for the Sharing Economy. It turns the staffing supply chain into a single virtual organisation, eliminating friction and duplicated administration for all participants.

More about Engage VMS

Engage model

  • Commercially neutral/collaborative model
  • Universal cost savings
  • Supply chain improvement
  • Direct contractual relationships
  • Zero admin duplication
  • Perfect transparency of costs & compliance
End hirer

Clarity and control over temporary and agency staffing.

  • What temporary staff do I have?
  • On what sites?
  • Supplied by who?
  • On what terms?
  • Ordered by which manager?
  • Under what PO?
  • Identify unallocated staff live
  • Deal with unallocated invoices immediately

Tracking and communication platform for direct contingent workforce.

  • Who has worked for us before
  • How did we rate him or her
  • Deliver relevant content streams to stay in contact whether active or not
  • Referral mechanism

Often introduced & sponsored by forward-thinking agencies


Eliminate administrative overhead costs to improve margins.

  • Replace finance, payroll and compliance personnel with intuitive software and services
  • Pay & bill, timesheet management, compliance documentation, credit control and management reporting
  • Replace current pay and bill, CRM, Office licencing, hardware and ancillary costs
  • Create a single minded, front-office organisation

Secure client accounts against relentless competitive offers.

  • Deliver VMS without charge
  • Client and agency on same Tech platform
  • Agency preferred supplier status is supported by operational excellence
  • Makes a clear statement about technical leadership, value added service

Often introduced & sponsored by forward-thinking payroll suppliers

Payroll supplier
Software licensing or full BPO

Survive - tightening legislation and payroll margins will not support independent legal counsel, technology and product adaptation

  • Replace finance, payroll and compliance personnel with intuitive software and services from Engage
  • Provide and pay for Engage platform for Agencies and their End Clients - securing the business
  • Substantially improve profitability and product standard
  • Create a single minded, differentiated, front-office organisation
A world of work
  • Keep your tax affairs and compliance documents up to date, secure and accessible 24/7
  • Verify your HMRC tax compliance, identity and experience to any prospective agency or employer
  • Offer your services easily and compliantly on a contract or full-time basis
  • Manage ongoing relationships with multiple agencies, employers and your accountant if appropriate
  • Engage as a workplace; perform tasks for multiple agencies and employers, directly on the Engage platform, from home


VMS: Vendor Management System CRM: Customer Relationship Management BPO: Business Process Outsourcing

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